Brooklyn Bagels and Deli

Our Bagels are made from scratch, hand rolled and water boiled in a kettle

31 East Main Street

Downtown Freehold, NJ 07728

Hall of Records Parking Lot

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Breakfast Serve till 2pm

Free local delivery

$15 minimum order

DOORDASH soups- bagels

The good people of Freehold have spoken!

"Brooklyn Bagels & Deli is the spot to go. Whether you're looking for the amazing cup of coffee to get you going, one of their delicious bagels, or a sandwich creation like any other, Louie and the team gotcha covered. Their coffee is literally the best cup I've ever had, and don't get me wrong.. I've had good coffee. Always brewed fresh, it's what I look forward to every morning, especially that Chocolate Raspberry! Bagels, sandwiches, even a quick snack, everything is prepared delectably. The bagels are made so perfectly, no one in the state can even come close. They put real pride in what they do everyday, and you may think, hey its just a bagel place, but when you can go into a place and they know your name, and ask about your kids, it becomes so much more than just a quick stop for a cup of coffee or a lunch. Do your taste buds a favor and stop in. You won't

be sorry."

- Lauren Franco


"This is my favorite bagel place in Freehold! The bagels fit my definition of perfect. I do not even toast them because they are just right. Try out the jalapeño and cheddar bagel, by far the best bagel ever! (If you like spicy)"

- Jonathon Crupi


"Nestled in downtown Freehold, NJ, in between San Marzano Trattoria lies a hidden gem, Brooklyn Bagels & Deli. It's located in a strip mall directly across the street from Court Jester's. Upon walking up to the door, you'll see happy customers and sitting in the 3 or 4 tables located outside the door enjoying their freshly brewed coffee and bagels. As soon as you enter, you're instantly greeted by FRIENDLY employees. I know! VERY HARD to find around here. These workers/owners great you with not only a hearty "hello" but they actually take the time to help you with your order, especially if it's your first time here. Those of you who know me know what I'm all about...FOOD! So let's get to the real review...and let me tell you, THIS PLACE HAS THE BEST BAGELS AROUND! I know you're probably thinking, "Nah Chris my bagel place is awesome." Well you're WRONG. Why? Four words....Jalapeno & Cheddar Bagels. That's right! This place has perfectly cooked, fresh prepared every morning bagels, that have fricken jalapeno and cheese on top of them! Check out the photo's if you think I'm making this up. Not to mention they make a MEAN pork roll egg and cheese. They're the only ones I know of that put egg on both sides of the pork roll (see photo). Their homemade cream cheese combined with a nice french toast bagels can turn a crappy weekend into heaven! Trust me. Give this place a try...just make sure you leave at least two Jalapeno and Cheddar bagels for me!"

- Chris Ranjit

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